16 Camera DVR (digital video recorder) Item# AVSS-9120T $2000.00 US

You Own the equipment (financing/leasing available O.A.C.)

Monitor Included


  • LCD monitor (NOT included)
    • 120 fps display/record frame rate
    • MPEG4 high compression CODEC
    • 320×240, 640×480 high resolution
    • Accessible using web browser
    • FREE Remote multi client viewing/search software
    • User friendly graphic interface
    • User name /password protected
    • TV spot out (switching, RCA)
    • Built in CD Burner
    •Can accept all standard cameras
    • Motion detection recording
    • 5000GB 7200RPM hard disk drive

*With 4 cameras you will get about 6 about weeks of video

Calculate Hard Drive Size

Hard Drive Calculation

Number of Cameras:

Number of Hours Recording Per Day:

Motion detection feature only records when motion is
Usually not 24 hours a day.

Frames Per Second:


Number Of Gigabytes per Week

Based on 320 x 240 resolution and normal quality.

Higher resolution and quality can drastically change the hard drive requirements.