• Interactive Security
    Sign up for email or text alerts of activity
    Arm or disarm using an App on your smartphone or device
    Use the internet or app to monitor your home or business
    Remotely lock your doors
    Stay safe and secure, even if the power is out, the internet is not working, or a phone line is cut
  • Home Automation
    Customize your sensors and devices to automatically trigger specific activity
    like thermostat control, and turn the lights on or off.
    Set up specific reminders, such as arming the system or locking the doors
  • Video Monitoring
    Live streaming: see what’s going on, from wherever you are, using your smartphone or device
    Record video, and receive video clip alerts through text or email
    Special Image sensors with Night vision allows you to check your home or business day or night
  • Energy Management
    Remotely control your thermostats
    Set up schedules to have your lights turn on and off at specific times, or remotely turn them on or off.
    Create energy saving schedules and monitoring your energy use
  • Access
    Remotely lock or unlock doors
    Monitor your garage door, receive alerts if it’s opened, and open and close your garage door

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