24 hour UL Monitoring
Use your new or existing equipment (leasing options available)
Speak with a technician LIVE 24/7 at 425-953-4344

  • FREE with monthly Monitoring service
  • EMAIL and TEXT alerts YOU CONTROL with WEB ACCESS for…
  • Arm and Disarm
  • Fire Alarm
  • Power Loss and Restore
  • Battery Low
  • Temperature
  • Flood
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Water
  • Restore of Condition
  • Late to Arm or Disarm
  • Early Disarm
  • and MORE

24 hour UL Monitoring is month to month. – Terms and ConditionsMonitoring Agreement

Payment options: Automatic Credit card billing  print out form  Online, or pay by check

  • Set up monitoring  CLICK HERE

  • Purchase new equipment CLICK HERE

  • Update contact list and phone numbers CLICK HERE (account # and password required)

  • Cancel monitoring on your existing AVSS account CLICK HERE.

  • $130.00 for the first hour, $90.00 per hour there after on your MONITORED by AVSS equipment CLICK HERE

  • $130.00 for the first hour then $100.00 per hour on your NON MONITORED equipment CLICK HERE